PCDI Postdoc Retreat 2015 (STEM)

In a forest in the surroundings of Eindhoven, the 14th edition of the PCDI Postdoc Retreat took place from 28 - 30 October 2015. Three days away from work, a group of PhD and postdoc researchers with a background in STEM dedicated precious time to their professional and career development. A full programme with lectures, workshop sessions and networking inspired them to take the lead to build their future

Programme overview of the 14th edition

The PCDI Postdoc Retreat is a 3-day course for last year PhD students and postdocs on professional, personal and career development. 


Three days away from daily obligations and tasks, taking time to reflect on how to take the lead to build your future. This is what our participants did from 28 - 30 October 2015.


Inspiring lectures, training workshops, discussions and networking sessions, all aimed at identifying skills, exploring the extent of possibilities and setting new priorities towards the future, made up the full programme of this retreat. 

Please find below an overview of the programme, as well as a photo gallery.


Programme         Programme overview of the PCDI Postdoc Retreat STEM 2015
Photo gallery   A photo impression of the retreat
LinkedIN   Keep in touch with fellow participants in the LinkedIn subgroup 
Contributors to the programme:

This is me!
(day 1)

Shaping your career

  • Bert Meijer
  • Marileen Dogterom

Skills and possibilities
(day 2)

Use your skills to the best

  • Irene Nooren
  • Herbert Tulleken
  • Davide Iannuzzi


Position yourself!
(day 3)

Position yourself!

  • Eppo Bruins
  • Els Koffeman
  • Marja Zonnevylle
  • Bart Noordam

Moderated by: Brigitte Hertz