Masterclass Strategy Consulting 2016

On Saturday 22 October PCDI organised a masterclass with Gupta Strategists especially for the PCDI network. In a full-day progrramme selected participants learnt the ins and outs of working for Gupta Strategists. By working on real cases they were offered a taste of the kind of challenge that consultancy offers PhD graduates.  


Did you know that in your career as an academic researcher, you have developed many valuable skills that can be applied in the consultancy sector?! 


Consultants are hired to solve complex challenges for their clients. They give objective advice using their strong analytical skills. This is exactly the kind of professional challenge that matches the PhD profile! 

But what is it actually like to work as a strategy consultant? And would you feel at home in the environment that consultants operate in?

To support ECR' s to find the answers to these questions, PCDI jointly set up a masterclass with Gupta Strategists, especially for the PCDI network.

Gupta Strategists

Gupta Strategists is a small strategy consulting firm operating in the Health Sector. From the challenges health care institutions and providers face to assignments for private investment companies, working at Gupta Strategists means making a relevant contribution to a sector with a high societal impact. Read more.


On Saturday 22 October a selected company of 20 PhD students and postdocs spent a full day with Gupta Strategists to learn about the variety of challanges Gupta strategists face in their work during the Masterclass Strategy Consulting.