Plantum and companies

The Dutch plant breeding and propagation industry produces seeds and young plants for the agricultural and horticultural sectors. Dutch plant breeding and propagating companies are among the best in the world and many of the largest producers of plant reproduction materials are based in The Netherlands.

The contribution to Dutch export is large: almost 40% of the world’s seed trade for horticulture and arable farming originates from the Netherlands. For seed potatoes, the share is even larger at almost 60%. These companies also create value for the rest of the chain through their innovative products. The considerable investments in Research & Development (R&D) also contribute to the Dutch knowledge infrastructure. The sector invests 15% of the turnover, on average in R&D. That is more than is the case in many other knowledge-intensive sectors, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

Download the LEI brochure for detailed information about the sector [in English] or [in Dutch].


Plantum is the Dutch association for the plant reproduction material sector. Members of Plantum are active in breeding, propagation, production and trade of seeds, bulbs, tubers, cuttings and young plants. Check the Plantum website.



Participating companies on 9 October 2014

Nunhems - Bayer CropScience link 

Keygene link

Rijk Zwaan link

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