Plantum Matchmaking Day

where scientists, innovation and career opportunities come together...

As an early career scientist, what are you looking for?

  • A position in which you can thrive as a PhD, in which you can carry out scientific research? Maybe abroad?
  • The opportunity to discover, innovate, push the boundaries of what is known/possible?
  • The chance to make an impact, to contribute to solutions to real world problems?
  • An employer who offers you a career outlook rather than a temporary contract, if things go well?

Where to find career opportunities that meet these criteria? Join the Plantum Matchmaking Day and find out! 


Please note: this activity is also explicitly meant for (bio)medical researchers!



Plantum is the Dutch association for the plant reproduction material sector. You may not know this sector yet. That is exactly why we organise this activity. Companies within this sector have a lot to offer to early career scientists and certainly not only to those with a background in plant biology!



Discover the opportunities

When orienting on your career possibilities, you may not have thought about the plant reproduction material sector yet. Although the Netherlands is world leading in plant innovation, this is not widely known. When Jan Willem Breukink -president of INCOTEC Seed Technologies- talked about this sector at the De Wereld Draait Door talkshow, the audience was astonished by the success story (see video).

  • What are the companies at this sector?
  • What do they do and what are they looking for? What do they have to offer?
  • Would working at this sector suit your interests and qualifications?

PCDI and Plantum invite you to join the interactive Matchmaking Day to find out. Read more...



This video is in Dutch. English will be the language used on the Plantum Matchmaking Day