What coachees say

Read here how coachees look back at the coaching.

Jannika Lauth - Postdoctoral Researcher at TU Delft

With my goal of pursuing an academic career, I contacted the PCDI for a personal coaching. I was looking for an independent and expert opinion on the best career moves, the next step on the career ladder and the skills to master obstacles and setbacks, which certainly will occur (in academia).

I benefitted a lot from discussing and (re)defining the milestones on my way to reach my career goals and the best ways to reach them. Important actions to take and accomplishments to make get clearer and you are forced to (re)act, when you speak them out loud.

In the coaching sessions, I was able to retrieve my career anchors and intrinsic motivation, things you tend to forget in your daily routine. It is important to remind yourself of the reasons that drive and inspire you because they will keep you going on the long run. The most important thing I took from my personal coaching was to be not too hard on myself when things go differently than expected. Learning and applying rational-emotive behavior is one of the keys for handling difficult and demanding situations most flexible and with the best outcome. I think that by now I have the tools I need to “lean in” and reach my career goals. Thank you Lilian and PCDI for the training!


Claudia Civai - Postdoctoral Research Fellow  at Radboud University

I found out about PCDI while attending a career day organized by the University where I am working as a post doc. I was going through a moment of deep uncertainty and dissatisfaction with my job, and the PCDI seemed the right place to start for solving my problems, so I contacted Lilian Menu and started a 5 one-to-one session program.

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The program helped me understand, even discover, my skills, my values and my passions, and thanks to Lilian I am now ready to take my first steps outside my comfort zone and enjoy my re-discovered enthusiasm for psychology (my discipline) from a completely novel perspective. Couldn't be more satisfied!