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Erna Erdtsieck-Ernste PhD

Program Manager Cardiovascular Disease, Centre for Translational Molecular Medicine, Eindhoven

Erna Erdtsieck-Ernste (medical biologist) obtained her PhD at the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research on functional neuro-teratology and continued as postdoc on molecular brain models, followed by a Fellow-position on phosphorylated recombinant proteins at the University of Amsterdam. In 1996 she shifted her career and became Research Manager at the Foundation “Huisartsen Laboratorium” (Breda) to initiate a new department for clinical research.






Herman Verheij PhD

Programme manager at TI Pharma

Dr. Verheij has extensive experience in Early Drug Discovery. After finishing his PhD in Amsterdam in 1997, and holding a post-doc position for two years in Wageningen, he joined Specs, one of the world’s leading suppliers of screening chemistry, as Manager of the “Cheminformatics and Screening Collaborations” department.