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Niki Georgiou PhD

Team leader Immunology at Danone Research

After obtaining her BSc in Biochemistry from UMIST, Manchester, England and MSc Food Biotechnology from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Niki Georgiou pursued the position of Junior Researcher at the Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology Division of Utrecht University working on Aflatoxin decontamination by fungi. After 3 years she joined the IRAS (Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences) for one year before starting her PhD in 1997 on Iron chelation and HIV-1 replication at the University Medical Centre Utrecht.


Wendy Mackus PhD

Assistant Director Research at Genmab

I may still have a future in academia but I know now that I have other options as well. Tenure isn't the be-all-end-all of a career in the life sciences. When I first realised this I suddenly lost all fear doubt about the future. My career at Genmab has given me peace of mind.


Karin Havenith PhD

Principle scientist at Genmab

When she first started to work for Genmab Karin spent a lot of time in the lab conducting applied science. She has now moved to more buro-work, thinking up and evaluating applied science. Her current research project is coming to an end, and the final product is ready to go to market. 'In my job I get all the science without the networking and politics of academia. Yes, I really fit into this place more than I could ever have imagined.


Joost Bakker PhD

scientific writer and graphics designer at Genmab

An academic career, with all that it entails, wasn't what Joost Bakker PhD was after. In industry he also took some time to find out what he really wanted. He's now going down the alternative science career path at Genmab. About his current job Joost says: 'my non-scientific skills finally get the attention they deserve.