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Arian Nijmeijer PhD

nijmeijer_stem2012_thumbTeam Leader Membrane Technology, Shell

Arian Nijmeijer graduated in 1995 at the University of Twente in the field of Chemical Engineering with the specialisation Inorganic Materials Science. In 1999 he received his PhD in the field of Inorganic Membranes at the same university.


Joost Rommes PhD

rommes_stem2012_thumbProgram manager, NXP Semiconductors

Since Joost Rommes received the M.Sc. degree in computational science, the M.Sc. degree in computer science, and the Ph.D. degree in mathematics from Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2002, 2003, and 2007, respectively. In 2007 he started as a researcher at NXP Semiconductors.


Erik de Groote

grootte_stem2012_thumbManagement consultant, Xelvin

After completing his studies of both Physics and Computer Science, Erik de Groote started working in the ‘consultancy world’ as he wanted to both focus on technical as well as the social aspect of the job.


Katarzyna Kolodziej PhD

Compliance Officer QA

Since May 2012 I have been a compliance officer at the Quality Assurance department of Teva Nederland. I am responsible for assessment and maintenance of the compliance of drug production procedures with GMP and Teva quality guidelines and with registration files. Before that, for almost two years I was R&D Manager in very small, privately owned company


Amon R. Wafelman PhD

Qualified Person Parenterals

Pharmacist by education (1989), Amon graduated as Ph.D. on radiochemical stability and metabolic profile of ([131I/123I]-) meta-iodobenzylguanidine in Slotervaartziekenhuis and Netherlands Cancer Institute. After working as immunotherapeutics pharmacist and later hospital pharmacist and Qualified Person at Leiden University Medical Center, he moved to TEVA Pharmachemie in 2010, where he became Qualified Persons Parenterals.He recently started as Dutch Industrial Pharmacists (NIA)-delegate to European Industrial Pharmacists Group (EIPG).


Hester van Zeeburg PhD

Scientist Clinical Assays at Crucell

In 2003 I started my career as a researcher by doing a PhD at the VU University in oncology. After finishing my PhD, I decided to shift gears from oncology to (tumor) immunology, but as a postdoc at the LUMC. The next postdoc was again tumor immunology at the NKI. After 1 year I made the career move to the pharmaceutical industry, to Crucell, a vaccine company based in Leiden. At this moment I’m working there as a scientist clinical assays, which implies that I’m analyzing many clinical trial samples from vaccine studies currently run by Crucell.