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Arfan Ikram PhD


Assistant professor, Erasmus MC University Medical Center

Arfan Ikram is assistant professor and head of neuro-epidemiologic research at the departments of Epidemiology, Radiology, Neurology, Erasmus MC Rotterdam. His research focuses on the etiology of neurologic diseases in the elderly, including dementia, Alzheimer disease, stroke, Parkinson disease, and polyneuropathy.


Terry Vrijenhoek PhD


Program manager, UMCU, Center of genome diagnostics

L’ADN fait n’importe quoi (DNA does whatever). That was the opening statement of the thesis of Terry Vrijenhoek. It refers both to the unpredictable way in which our DNA acts, and to the unlimited possibilities it has for patient diagnostics and patient care. Terry currently coordinates the Centre for Genome Diagnostics


Marja Miedema PhD

marja_thumbConsultant "science and society" at Erasmus MC

What to do after your PhD when you do not want to continue in research? Marja faced this difficult question in 2007. By coincidence she stumbled upon a vacancy for Consultant Science and Society. This meant she would be involved in all non-scientific communication of the Cluster Medical Genetics of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam.


Dagmar Eleveld-Trancikova PhD

Science manager at UMC St Radboud

Dagmar obtained her first PhD in oncology in Slovakia. After moving to the Netherlands, she performed fundamental research on understanding of Dendritic cell imunobiology for almost 10 years; as a PhD student, later on as a postdoc. She supervised students and technicians, contributed to the different activities translating research to the different levels of audience.


Karin Horsman PhD

Senior policy advisor Business Innovation at Wageningen UR

After my MSc and PhD in Plant Breeding, during which I was chairman of the PhD council of the graduate school Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS), I changed my career towards policy advisory. Subsequently I held positions in the headquarters of Wageningen University and the graduate school EPS focussing on research quality and PhD policy.


Eva Teuling PhD

Science outreach officer at ERIBA, UMCG, Groningen

After obtaining her PhD in Rotterdam in 2008, Eva worked in Chicago for 6 months and moved to Groningen in 2009 for a postdoc. Already knowing that a scientific career would not be way to go, she had many other activities next to her research. Especially after attending the postdoc retreat in 2010, her focus was on developing a career in science communication. Since that year...