What is PCDI?

The Postdoc Career Development Initiative (PCDI) is an organisation with a societal mission. Our aim is to stimulate the broad professional and career development of early career researchers who (are about to) have a PhD in order to get the most out of their potential; to make use of their talent to contribute to science, society and the knowledge economy.

This goal should be seen in the current context in which young scientists find themselves. Early career researchers predominantly focus on achieving scientific excellence. In this they are supervised and stimulated. Of equal importance, however, is that they develop broad tranferable skills, not only for their scientific career, but also for a career outside academia. It remains a fact that the vast majority of PhD students and postdocs will have to continue their career outside academia. It is therefore not only essential that early career researchers develop these skills, but also that they timely prepare for their next career step and investigate where in society and industry their qualities may be of added value. 

Our approach to reach this goal is threefold. PCDI:

  • Boosts professional and career development in national and local talent policy making. Read more 
  • Calls early career researchers to take responsibility for their professional development. Read more
  • Brings together knowledge innovative companies and talent as a mediator. Read more


PCDI community

PCDI’s (inter)active community is a network of a couple of thousand young scientists with an active interest in professional and career development. By joining, they keep themselves informed on relevant developments and gain access to discussions on social media platforms.



PCDI highly values quality. All PCDI trainings and courses are developed and executed with care. PCDI is registered by the Dutch Central Registry of Short Professional Education (Centraal Register Kort Beroeps Onderwijs- CRKBO) and has been certified as an educational institute.